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Migration and Extremism
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Higher Education


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About Us

The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Nicosia gathers the expertise and competences of high-level experts (including Jean Monnet Chairs and/or Jean Monnet Module coordinators) and aims at developing synergies between the various disciplines and resources in European studies. The Center has a project duration of three years. It is led by the Jean Monnet Chair Professor Attalides of the University of Nicosia but also incorporates the cooperation of Jean Monnet Chair Professor Katsikides of the University of Cyprus.In this way, the project ensures that the highest level of competence and expertise in this area are included. At the same time, Jean Monnet Chairs from the entire higher education area of the European Union will be invited throughout the project to have a key role for each of the planned events and activities of the project, including all conferences, workshops and round-table discussion. The project regards the inclusion of civil society as a top priority, thus ensuring openness to civil society and promoting further engagement between the academic community and the burgeoning civil society of Cyprus. Given the configuration of the project’s activities – especially the emphasis on workshops and round-table debates that will provide forums for the expression of empirical observations and needs-based assessments of various policy implementation – civil society representatives are treated as engaged stakeholders at all stages of implementation of the project. The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Nicosia will organize five round-table discussions, three workshops and three conferences starting from December 2014:

Round-table discussions

a. EU – Turkey Public Debate 1 – Date of the event: 09 December 2014 b. EU – Turkey Public Debate 2 – Date of the event: December 2015 c. EU – Turkey Public Debate 3 – Date of the event: July 2016 d. Migration Extremism – Date of the event: December 2016 e. Migration Policies – Date of the event: July 2017


a. The Changing Landscape of Higher Education – Date of the event: 29 January 2015 b. Migration – Date of the event: January 2016 c. Levant issues – Date of the event January 2017


a. Higher education – Date of the event: June 2015 b. Migration – Date of the event: June 2016 c. Levant issues – Date of the event: June 2017